From copper and brass to steel plate, Seattle Iron & Metals meets all your recycling needs.
 Copper, Brass, Aluminum...
Seattle Iron & Metals is a full-service metals recycler. Aluminum, brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals are processed, sorted, and packed for easy handling by our consumers.

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 Iron and Steel...
Harnessing 1,300 tons of force, our guillotine shear is one of the largest in the northwest, slicing through steel plate and beams up to five inches thick. Over-sized scrap, such as ship plate, is process by our crew of torchcutters. With this capacity, Seattle Iron & Metals can accept even your largest and most awkward scrap metal and cut it down to size.
 Automobiles, Appliances...
As a producer of high-quality shredded scrap, our 4,000 horsepower Shredder is one of the most efficient on the West Coast. Mixed metals, such as automobiles and appliances, are processed then separated magnetically, electrically and by air to refine the ferrous and non-ferrous metal components into a uniform size and grade of recycled material.

With our state-of-the-art facility, you receive
consistently premium grades of recycled metals.

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Whether you are a Supplier or Consumer, you can rely on
Seattle Iron & Metals Corporation to assist you with your
scrap metals recycling program.

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